Charities and Services Ballots – October 2012


Make a Difference Day (MADD):

The Future Planning Committee proposes that the Findlay Service League’s 2012 Make a Difference Day/MADD Project be for the benefit of the Humane Society.  For an estimated cost of $1000, FSL would clean up and renovate the existing Memory Garden that is located on the east side of the property along with trimming, weeding, and possibly mulching the beds that surround the building.  Due to the outside nature of this project, this will be completed in the Spring of 2013 on Saturday, April 13, 2013 with a rain date of Saturday, April 20, 2013.

The Humane Society is a local organization that does not receive funds from national organizations.  The Humane Society relies on local contributions and fundraisers to keep in operation.


1.       FSL would be supporting an organization that provides a much needed service to those in Hancock County.

2.      FSL would be assisting an organization that does not have the financial strength or internal resources to properly care for the grounds.

3.      The MADD Project provides a much needed service project for our FSL members and provisionals.


**If you had a save the date on your calendar for MADD scheduled for this Saturday the 27th—please delete it!**




The Arts Partnership of Greater Hancock County is requesting $2000 to assist in the funding of four Toledo Symphony Orchestra ensembles, as well as the full orchestra to travel to our area schools for performances and demonstrations.  The purpose for this event is to provide, encourage and promote quality arts presentations, educational opportunities and entertainment to approximately 2000 to 3000 students.  Many children in our community do not have the means to travel or afford an arts experience such as this and the hope of the Arts Partnership is to inspire students to enter in to or continue in the music programs offered in our schools and beyond.

C & S recommends providing The Arts Partnership with $500 to assist in the funding of this Toledo Symphony experience.


1.       FSL will be supporting an organization we have supported in the past.

2.      We would be reaching out to a large number of students in our community.