Charities and Services Ballots – March 2013

Ballots – March 2013


Executive Board:

Executive Board recommends that the Treasurer’s position for Findlay Service League be reappointed to a two year term/position.  The Treasurer’s position would still remain a member of FSL’s Executive Board.

Executive Board is requesting approval of the Treasurer’s term.


1.       For the 2012/2013 FSL year, this would be an off year for our biennial Homes Tour – therefore making the 2013/2014 FSL year, a Homes Tour year, much easier for our current Treasurer.  The next appointed Treasurer will be for the 2014/2015 FSL year, an off year for our biennial Homes Tour.




Proposed Change:  Adjust the number of years completed based on the 5 year commitment versus the 7 year commitment.

Parliamentarian is requesting approval to the wording change in our By-Laws.

ARTICLE III Membership

Section 8.  Leave of Absence

An Active member may be granted leave time upon written request to the Membership Chairperson.  Total accumulated leave time may not exceed twelve months during their five years of League service.

Any member on leave for an entire year shall not receive credit for that year.  Any leave for a portion of a year shall be subject to review by the Membership Committee each September with reference to the number of committee meetings attended and the number of service points fulfilled.

Leave for an entire year shall be granted subject to the following:

  • Members who have completed 2 years but less than 3 years of League service shall be reinstated as Provisional Members and subject to all the requirements of that designation and all prior service years shall be vacated.
  • Members who have completed 3 years of League service shall be reinstated as Regular Members and their service years shall continue to accumulate subject to all the requirements of the designation of Regular Member.  All Members returning from a leave of absence must advise the Membership Chairperson by April 1 prior to the year they want to return. This will allow the member the opportunity to be placed in a position they are interested in on that year’s slate.

Extenuating circumstances shall be subject to review by the Membership committee and the Executive Board.

Any member on leave will continue to receive all monthly Service League communications and function notices.



Make a Difference Day (MADD) October 2013:

The Future Planning Committee proposes that the Findlay Service League’s 2013 Make a Difference Day/MADD Project be for the benefit of Chopin Hall.  FSL would staff an already scheduled Mobile Food Pantry at First Presbyterian Church on Saturday, October 12th, 2013 from 7:15am – 10:30am.  In addition, for an estimate cost of $1,000.00, FSL would provide personal care products to be given away in addition to the food.  These items would include laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, and toothpaste.


1.       FSL will be supporting an organization that provides a much needed service to those in Hancock County.

2.      FSL will provide additional resources other than food for the community during the Pantry.

3.      The MADD Project provides a much needed service project for our members.